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Lillian Wilson                                       Peggy May                                       Allie Smith 

President                                             1st Vice President                            2nd Vice President


Thelma Warren Brown                       Kym Hall                                           Chelsea Griffith

Treasurer                                             Recording Secretary                        Financial Secretary


Mary Lester                                         Brenda Pollard                                 Darlene Hunt

Corresponding Secretary                  Parliamentarian                                Sergeant-at-Arms                                              

Mary J. Roberts                                  Bonnie Thomas-Jeter

Zina Love                                            Affiliate Liaison



National Council of Urban League Guilds

    Angela. Simmons, Western Regional Coordinator   


 National Urban League Guild President 

Bobby  W. Scott, Houston, Texas


 National Urban League Guild Vice President

Angela Simmons, Philadelphia


The LAULG is an auxiliary of the Los Angeles Urban League (LAUL) and shall operate in the same geographical area as the affiliate. It is a volunteer area of the League.


The Los Angeles Urban League Guild (Guild/LAULG) was formed in 1952 with 10 founding ladies.  It included women with experience and knowledge of business, health and welfare, education and social-civic organizations.  Florence Vaughn served as the Guild’s first president.  It is a member of the National Council of Urban League Guilds.


The Los Angeles Urban League Guild serves to stimulate, develop and promote volunteer’s participation and leadership and to assist in the implementation of the League programs.  The Guild shall promote activities to lend financial support to the League and to promote community service to support the League programs.


Members of the Guild still include experienced and knowledgeable women and men in business, health and welfare, education and social-civic organizations. 

The Guild's Beginning

Mollie Moon (July 21, 1912 – June 22, 1990) was the founder and president of the National Urban League Guild, the fundraising branch of the NationalUrban League. She served as president of the Guild for almost 50 years, from its founding until her death.


Moon served as secretary to the Board of Trustees of the National Urban

League. She founded the National Urban League Guild  in order to raise

funds in support of the League's racial equality programs.  Lester B. Granger, then director of the Urban League, challenged Moon personally to help the league become 'financially stable.' At first an informal group, it eventually developed bylaws and held elections, with Moon serving as president until her death 1990. The Guild's most well-known fundraising event was its annual Beaux-Arts Ball, a charity gala with a different theme each year.

Through her efforts with the Urban League Guild and the Urban League,

Mollie Moon worked to improve race relations in New York City and in the United States at large. Moon was an innovative fundraiser whose creative ideas and projects helped to support the Urban League and to raise public awareness about its programs.


Our Mission


The Los Angeles Urban League Guild  works  to advocate, develop and promote volunteer’s participation and leadership. 

Our Vision

Our Vision is to empower our community, through volunteering, education and advocacy. 

A strong African American community is a better

Los Angeles.

We Need Your Support Today!

Our Mission
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